—Brian Weisfeld, co-author, The Startup Squad series (macmillan)

“The first thing I did after I decided to write a novel series to inspire and empower girls through entrepreneurship was read Writing Children’s Books For Dummies. On my journey to create The Startup Squad book series, I read ten different books about writing for kids but none was as impactful as that one. I don’t know if I could have signed a three-book deal with Macmillan and created The Startup Squad if I had not read that book.”

—Denise Wallace, author and producer, Daddy's Little Secret (made into a miniseries episode My Murder Story: The Secrets We Keep on Investigation Discovery),

“Lisa Rojany helped me flesh out my characters and bring out the best in my true crime manuscript. It was not only published in 2016 but is also to become a one-hour documentary on Investigation Discovery in a 6-part miniseries called The Truth About Murder. My project is now multi-media and is also being shopped as a TV movie. Thank you, Lisa!”

—Scott Sussman, Publisher, Octopus Ink Press

“If you’re seeking top quality services for your manuscript, look no further. Lisa is the Lamborghini of editing and proofreading. She gets right to the nitty gritty, locating the faint murmur of your book’s heartbeat and bringing it to life with editorial blasts of insight and her proofreading defibrillator. Whether you need delicate polishing and refinement or a complete overhaul, Lisa is top notch. Her editing services are unsurpassed and guaranteed to satisfy your highest expectations.”

—Kristopher Dukes, A Sworn Virgin (William Morrow)

“Lisa Rojany was instrumental in early and later drafts of my debut novel, A Sworn Virgin. She would catch a missing comma, suggest broader structural enhancements, discuss plot and characterization, refine for clarity—all while being encouraging throughout the process. Her technical precision is matched only by her speed and professional graciousness.”

—Robin Gregory, The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman (Gatekeeper Press)

“I really love working with Lisa. She’s an inspired, enthusiastic, and expert editor with superlative instincts. I owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for helping turn my debut young adult novel into something special. The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman just got long-listed in the UK’S 2015 Bath Novel Award contest. Out of 806 entries from 41 countries, it made the list of 23. Alleluia! Thank you, Lisa!”

—Walter Andal, Finance 101 for Kids and Finance 102 for Kids (Gatekeeper Press)

“After doing a ton of research for an editor who could help me transform my ideas and manuscript into a real book, I was fortunate to find someone who is very professional, honest, and sharp. Lisa has guided me every step along the way in my first self-publishing venture. She is very thorough with the editing process. No matter how busy Lisa is with her demanding work and clients, she always finds a way to provide me with the right help and direction. I feel truly privileged to have worked with Lisa. I absolutely recommend her to all aspiring and seasoned authors!”

—Mike Mullin, Ashfall, Sunrise, Ashen Winter, Darla’s Story (Tanglewood Books)

“Lisa Rojany did a masterful job editing Ashfall—twice! I’ve placed the only exclamation point in these acknowledgments in her honor. She made my writing better than I believed it could be.”

—Peggy Tierney, Publisher Tanglewood Books

“Lisa Rojany is a truly outstanding editor. She not only covers the bigger issues of any manuscript—structure, pacing, character development, and plot—but she also has fine eye and ear for the details that separate merely good from great books. Her touches have added sparkle to the Tanglewood books on which she has worked her magic. I wouldn’t use anyone else and highly recommend her expertise.”

—Allison Higa, Art Director and graphic designer

“Lisa Rojany is one of the most creative and energetic people I know. As a graphic designer and then an Art Director, I worked closely with her for many years in the publishing industry, and her drive and focus were phenomenal to experience. Her attention to editorial detail, combined with a fast turnaround, produced projects that were both uniquely innovative and unfailingly on time. I highly recommend Lisa Rojany as a book producer and/or creative editorial consultant!”

—Dr. Steven Carr Reuben, There’s an Easter Egg on Your Seder Plate: How to Survive Your Child’s Interfaith Marriage

“Lisa Rojany is the most competent editorial professional I have ever had the pleasure to work with on any project. She was a lifesaver and a pure joy to work with.”

—Alan Halpern, Publisher, Merry Lane Press

“A very important process in publishing a children’s book is the editing and continuity of the story and art. Lisa has been a treasure to us here at Merry Lane Press. She provides professional services and addresses everything from targeting language to the right age group to shaping the story for maximum impact. We also rely on her as a sounding board for reviewing potential new titles. We love working with her!”

—Denise Silvestro, Executive Editor at Penguin Group USA

“Lisa Rojany is a professional in every sense of the word: talented, efficient, timely, and a pleasure to work with. She knows how to create and organize concepts, present them clearly, and deliver high quality on time.”

—Laurie Sale, former V.P., Editor-In-Chief, Knowledge Kids Network

“I’ve worked with Lisa over the last 13 years. She is an extremely bright, creative, and conscientious person. She pays great attention to detail, to schedules, the bottom line, and is a problem solver. She is a gifted writer, editor, and manager.”

—Ellen Jones, The Fatal Crown, Beloved Enemy, Gilded Cages: The Trials of Eleanor of Aquitaine

“Lisa Rojany is an excellent editor. She has edited several manuscripts for me that were sent to my agent who accepted them without change and sent them on to various publishing houses. They were published by Simon & Schuster with a minimum of editing, thanks to Lisa’s insightful and enlightened work. I highly recommend her.”

—Tanni Tytel, former V.P. & Publisher, Penguin Random House

“Lisa Rojany was Editorial Director at Price/Stern/Sloan when I was publisher. Lisa is a terrific editor. She shapes a project to maximize the original intent. She respects the author’s original work and subtly enhances it. Lisa is also a very good writer. Being a good editor and a good writer don’t always go hand in hand. But Lisa is both. She works well under pressure, pays attention to the bottom line, and always meets her deadlines.”

—Julie Stav, Fund Your Future

Book Acknowledgement: “To Lisa, who lovingly added this book to her nursing schedule. Your good sense of humor kept me laughing and your discipline kept me on track.”

—Mimi Latt, Ultimate Justice, Pursuit of Justice, Powers of Attorney (Simon & Schuster)

Book Acknowledgement: “Lisa Rojany, writer, editor, and friend, I owe you a heartfelt thanks for all those late nights and last-minute saves from the murky depths of that special hell known as writer’s despair. Your ability to see straight through to the heart of my characters, to keep my story in line, to punch up my writing, and to make me laugh at myself along the way keeps me sane. I especially like those funny little pictures you draw in the margins, which officially cured me of flashing eyeballs. OK? OK. What would I do without you?”

—Debra Mostow Zakarin, published author, Publisher, Senior Director PRPG Children’s Publishing

“I had the great pleasure and honor to work with Lisa Rojany many times and in various capacities. Our first professional relationship was when I was the Director of Publishing at Universal Studios and Lisa was the Editorial Director at Price Stern Sloan. At the time, it was she who spearheaded the vision of which movies and television shows would work best as various book formats. Her creativity and professionalism never ceased to amaze us in the Consumer Products division. Years later, when I moved on to pursue my children’s writing career, Lisa was my book editor. To this day, when I write, I still find myself asking the questions and looking over my writing as if I were about to submit my work to Lisa. She expected nothing less than the highest quality of work from her writers; yet she always knew that fine line when and how to be critic, teacher, and champion. Not only am I proud to have called her my editor, but I am proud to call her my mentor.”

—Ellen Jacob, Jacob Packaged Goods

“Lisa Rojany is an innovative writer, using simple language that speaks directly to her audience, whether it is children or adults. She quickly captures the essence of the material and is a joy to work with.”

—Vicki Jaeger, Publisher, Insight Editions

“Lisa was a joy to work with. Smart, funny, really knows the business of children’s publishing. Her ideas were innovative and always pushed the envelope. This was my third time working with Lisa, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!”

—David Cooper, poet, literary translator, published author, and NYJB reviewer

“Lisa Rojany has been my editor at New York Journal of Books since I joined its team of reviewers in February 2010. She has been an attentive, intelligent, and supportive reader whose suggested revisions have improved my copy and whose copy editing has spared me much embarrassment. I enthusiastically recommend her for any editing position.”

—Phil Constable, published author and NYJB reviewer

“Lisa is a wonderful editor and manager who provides superb support and direction. She is also an author who has contributed significantly to the creation of a number of publications. In her role as COO and Publisher at the New York Journal of Books she has a clear editorial vision while maintaining the ability to accommodate different perspectives. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and up to date in her field and it is always a pleasure to work with her.”

—Susan Gabriel, published author

“I have had the good fortune to work with Lisa on several occasions and consider her the best in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend Editorial Services of LA to anyone looking for high quality professional editing.”

—Joseph Angard, Licensing Consultant at Brown Trout Publishing

“Lisa is a valued contributor, with great creative instincts, who always has the right idea at the right time, and is instrumental in moving projects forward. I always look forward to working with her again.”

—Elizabeth Bewley, former Editor at Little, Brown & Company, currently Agent at Sterling Lord Literistic

“Lisa is an energetic and creative thinker. She’s proactive and offers a wealth of knowledge on the children’s publishing industry. If you want to see an existing program grow or launch a brand new idea or concept, talk to Lisa!”

—Dawn Bentley, published author

“Lisa is a publishing ‘connector’—she knows everyone and is very well liked. She is incredibly hard working, refreshingly reliable, and brainy to boot. She is the go-to person for all things publishing. The expertise she willingly shares always leaves me feeling well-prepared and informed. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the creative process and a pleasure to work with.”

—Bitsy Kemper, published author

“If there is anyone that knows the children’s book industry, it is Lisa! Her experience and expertise provide a wealth of insight into what is going on in the market, what editors/publishers are looking for, and how to morph your existing work into something that will stand out in a crowd. She’s efficient, has fast turn-around, and to the point.”

—Amy Pruzansky, Sr. VP Product Development and Design, Spin Master Ltd.

“Lisa can bring any idea to life! Rarely do you find anyone with Lisa’s passion, creativity, integrity, and smarts. Plus she’s a lot of fun to work with! Lisa is a resourceful, articulate, and results-driven publishing professional with a keen understanding of market trends. She’s great at content development, but also expert in managing all aspects of a complex project, from design and development to P&L management. I couldn’t recommend Lisa more highly!”

—Marcela Cabrera, published illustrator and book packager

“I worked with Lisa in the production of five books for three publishers in both Los Angeles and New York, and through it all I found her to be not only a great creative writer and editing partner, but also I found her to be a top professional who knows the ins and outs of this complex and exciting book publishing industry. I recommend her consulting skills without a doubt! Plus she is a true pleasure to work with!”

—Dorothy M. Taguchi, PhD, educational consultant, producer, writer, editor

“Lisa and I met on the first redesign of Hooked on Phonics. She helped put together the development team, bringing in writers and a top-notch designer. Lisa deftly handled the agents and contractual agreements of the multitude of writers on the project. Lisa is passionate about what she does, and her experience speaks for itself.”

—Deborah Warren, Founder East West Literary Agency

“Lisa Rojany’s been a friend and publishing colleague for over 20 years. A creative multitasker, she’s extremely knowledgable about the industry and its players. As well, Lisa’s a formidable manager of assets—be those tangible assets like content, and the development/design/production/manufacturing of content—or less tangible but equally important assets of style and management and vision. She’s an asset, herself, to every team and I highly recommend her.”

—Maria van Lieshout, published author and illustrator

“Lisa is a razor-sharp editor and fabulous writer. She’s witty, quick, fresh and provides clear, insightful and helpful editing suggestions. I highly recommend her to anyone considering her services, either as an editor or as a writer.”

—Diane Muldrow, Editorial Director, Golden Books/Random House, Inc.

“Lisa is creative, smart, in control of the nitty-gritty, and dynamic. She can multitask amazingly well, and she really knows the business!”

—James Baum, consultant at Fun Incorporated

“We used Lisa’s services for our start-up company. She was thorough, extremely professional and very easy to work with. We plan on working with her on all of our projects.”

—Nadine Britt, SVP & Executive Director Penguin Young Readers Group

“I have known Lisa for 10+ years in both the role of co-worker as well as vendor. I have always found Lisa to be knowledgeable, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. Lisa will be an asset to any company she is aligned with.”

—David A. Carter, published author, illustrator, and paper engineer

“I have worked with Lisa for many years and I feel that she is very creative and really understands the business of publishing. I would work with her again without question.”

—Elaine Piechowski, Global Book Publishing Executive

“Lisa is a gifted writer and editor. She has years of experience in working with all members of an editorial team to bring to fruition many different types of books. Her communication skills are excellent, her job and technical skills superb and her productivity prolific. I’d highly recommend her.”

—Sam X Renick, published author of the Sammy X titles

“Lisa elevated our Sammy Rabbit children’s books. Very professional and very efficient with some excellent insights. She went the extra mile. She’s at the top of our list for editing and writing. We recommend her with enthusiasm and without reservation!”

—Daniel Weizman, former Associate Editor, Price Stern Sloan

“Lisa Rojany was my direct supervisor at Price Stern Sloan for three years. She is an outstanding manager, editor, creative advisor, and all-around team player. She didn’t just conceive of and create amazing books during my time working for her. She also strongly enhanced the harmony and enthusiasm at the company, and she brought out the best work in her employees, helping to groom several careers, including my own. Strong recommend.”

—Todd Lieman, Go-To Guides for Guys: ABCs for Expectant Dads (Dalmatian Press)

“It hardly seems fair that only three attributes can be selected for this recommendation, as Lisa also personifies ‘good value,’ ‘on time,’ ‘high integrity’ and ‘creative.’ In short, she’s the entire package. There are few people that I’ve worked with who have as much expertise in their industries as Lisa has in hers. Her ability to see the big picture and help guide her clients to develop the most effective product is unparalleled. Frankly, she made my dream of publishing a book come true. It never would have happened without her.”

—Nicole Giladi, Little Redheads Across America

“I was lucky enough to have been referred to Lisa. I was searching for an editor for my children’s book. Since I self-published, I had tons of questions for Lisa about layout, content, printing, etc. She went above and beyond to make sure I had the resources I needed in order to finish my book. She explained the whole ISBN # and bar code process to me and advised me on photos for my book, as well as text revisions. I’m so happy I found her. It made my first time experience truly memorable. I always felt my goals for the book were in good hands. I hope to work with her again..”

—Nina Manasan Greenberg, Chief Creative Officer Entrée Health

“Lisa is multitalented, with a super-quick, strategic mind, creative solutions for any written form, and an intense work ethic. I’ve known her since we were graduate students, and have had the pleasure of her successes as an editor, author, and all-around creative mind. I recommend her without reservations.”

—Bryn Barnard, published author and illustrator

“Lisa is an efficient and sharp-eyed editor, easy to work with, who ensured that content was rich, accurate and appropriate.”

—John Appuhn, formerly of Anderson Books

“I echo what others have said about Lisa in the children’s publishing arena. She is a pro! She knows what she’s doing. She does it right and on time and on budget. She has a great personality with the highest integrity. If I ever wanted to personally publish a book, I would call Lisa.”

—Peter Economy, author of over 125 published books

“A few years ago, I was approached by my acquisitions editor at John Wiley & Company about doing a new book on a topic I didn’t really know much about—Writing Children’s Books For Dummies. I of course said yes, but knew I needed to find a writing partner/coauthor who really knew children’s books—and the publishing business—COLD, not an amateur, not a wannabe, but a real pro. I contacted the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for help, and they sent me a list of 25 or so editors that they recommended. I went through the entire list, researched each editor in detail, and came to the clear conclusion that Lisa was the most experienced of the bunch. At the time she had written more than 100 children’s books, was an editor at some very high-powered children’s book publishing houses and had miles of credentials.

I contacted Lisa and invited her to join me on the project. As it turned out, that was the smartest thing I had done in years.

Lisa is one of the best, most-talented, and productive writers I know—and not just in the children’s book genre, but in all varieties of nonfiction work. She was a real pleasure to work with on Writing Children’s Books For Dummies, and it is because of her that our book is now the #1 bestselling book on writing children’s books. In addition to her prodigious writing skills, she is also an extremely talented editor and she is VERY well-connected in the publishing industry.

I recommend Lisa Rojany without qualification and would be happy and honored to work with her again in the future.”

—Ken Dallara, Esq.

“Lisa has a strategic big picture vision that is not only clear, but her enthusiasm and portrayal of that vision causes those around her to become focused and enthused to cause that vision to become a reality. You want to succeed just so that her vision will succeed.”

—Kat Pennington, writer

I am fortunate to have found Lisa Rojany! My manuscript is better and comes to life more with her edits. I applied every one of them! If you are looking for these qualities in an editor, here are a few of my immediate thoughts about Lisa: Approachable. Friendly. Fast responses. To the point. Encouraging words. Thorough. Explains the reasoning behind her edits. Highlights what she is talking about. Suggestions about how to improve writing skills. Creative dialogue advice. Professional. Wealth of knowledge. She is not only an editor, she cares about the author’s success. She has given me increased confidence in going further in my publishing process. Thank you, Lisa!”

—Peter Knutzen, former book sales, currently Founder, Managing Partner Old Toccos Farm

Lisa is very professional, detail oriented and easy to work with, both as an individual and as a team member. Lisa has always been a true leader and understands how consumer purchase dynamics interact with Publishing P&L requirements. She always understands the sales cycle and therefore creates products that salespeople can actually sell. Lisa’s productivity, creativity and personality provides her with a competitive advantage over others in her field.”

—Leslie Bay, Bay & Associates

“As a first-time children’s book writer it was important to find an editor that could take my work to the next level. Lisa was instrumental in giving me the direction and expert assistance to bring the story to a whole new plateau. In working with Lisa, I learned a great deal and expertise in the field helped to bring the story full circle so that I am confident to present it to publishers. I would highly recommend Lisa.”

—Karen Mussette, My Guardian Angels

“Lisa Rojany is the best editor in Los Angeles! I recommend her highly!”

—Lindsay Burroughs, author and illustrator of Washed Up!

“Signing up to work with Lisa turned out to be so much more than simply hiring an editor. Beyond corrections and valuable story insights, she guided me through formatting, developing query letters, and also offered up a full spectrum of industry resources. She opened my mind to the self-publishing industry and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream through to the final printed pages. I am amazed by her genuine interest in my career. She has been right by my side, cheering for me along the way. I come out of this with a printed book in hand, filled with the excitement to continue working with her on the books to come! Thank you, Lisa!”

—Barbara LaSalle, Edward

“I sent Lisa my children’s book for a critique. What I received in return was not only very helpful commentary on my book, but a course in writing—plot, character, motivation, grammar, syntax, format as well. She is a virtual fount of pertinent information, not only about story, but the ins and outs of publication as well. Her editorial services are a source and a course wrapped into one accessible package. Thank you, Lisa!”

—Darlene Miller, Princess Jackie

“It was truly great working with Lisa. Her edits not only streamlined and clarified my manuscript, but also helped my creative processes so that I could better articulate my vision. I sincerely appreciated her input and guidance. Also, with my tight timeline, her very quick responsiveness was especially appreciated.”

—Chris Hannas, writer

“I got my manuscript back yesterday and just wanted to thank you again for taking on my project. I can’t tell you how happy I have been with your work and this entire process. I really appreciate you giving my writing such attention and your kind words of support.”

—Professor Rob Chell, MBA, Hand-to-Hand Sales

“How much will embarrassment cost? How much will explaining your literary inadequacy cost? Writing and editing is an art because it requires immersion and understanding of the subject matter, both of which you do not get with large online or big box services. I am a very particular customer and have very special business needs, and Editorial Services of L.A. did not hesitate to give me not only the best quality service, advice, and customer support, but also the best price in the entire United States. Our due diligence included competitive proposals and interviews from five (5) other service providers that have well established reputations in the marketplace. You will not find a finer company to handle your needs. I, without hesitation, recommend Editorial Services of L.A. You will not be disappointed. You found the right company. Five Stars.”

—Steven Kaufman, writer

“Lisa sets the standard for a professional editorial services agency. She is thorough and detail-oriented and the perfect place to bring your mission-critical editorial projects. If you require the services of a professional editor, look no further than Lisa Rojany and Editorial Services of L.A..”

—Virginia Pooler, Double Take

“I was lucky enough to find Lisa while working on my first novel, Double Take. With sharp sensibilities and a strong dedication to my vision and characters, Lisa was able to see through the crude meanderings of an initial draft to help me uncover the story beneath it. I’m grateful for the honest talk, the gentle nudges and the occasional talk down from the ledge.”

—Billy Edd Wheeler, Author/Artist/Professional Songwriter and Music Publisher

“Lisa Rojany is by far the best editor I’ve had in five decades of writing. She deals with the nitty-gritty of grammar and syntax, but also addresses the larger picture: plot, character building, style, pacing, drama, dialogue, and the rest. She offers consistently invaluable suggestions for shaping a manuscript, with feedback that is always on target and candid, but with an emphasis on the positive. And she knows the market—a bonus for rookies and unpublished writers. Hire her if you can!”

—Cloris Stock, Love Wizard

“Lisa, I’ve read about a third of your edits, and I wanted to take a little break to once again say THANK YOU. Your insights are going to make my novel awesome! I can’t wait to finish the rewrite and have the manuscript ready for submission. I’m going to the SCBWI conference in April, and I hope to meet agents and editors that will be interested in my YA novel. You’re the best editor ever!”

—Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi, We Must Be Bold

“Lisa Rojany is thorough, diligent, and spot-on when it comes to notes and overall edits. She’s extremely easy to work with and on time. Plus, she responded quickly to any concerns or questions I had. If Ms. Rojany edits your book, you can be confident that it will be flawless after she’s done!”