Editorial Services

Line Editing

ESOLA will go through a manuscript from start to finish and edit every line for grammar, spelling, style, drama, pacing, dialogue, plot, and characterization—and everything in between. Editing is done using track changes for an electronic edit. (Most thorough and effective option.)


ESOLA helps new and seasoned writers determine the literary merits of a work in progress. This can range from a read-through of the work and a citing of general impressions to more involved comments about character development, dialogue, plot, structure, and pacing/drama. This is an efficient way to see if you are on track. A detailed critique letter can also be requested for an additional fee.



For a copy edit ESOLA can fact check your book for accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, style. For proofreading ESOLA checks one proof of a book against another proof of the book to make sure it doesn’t have misspellings, nothing is missing, images correspond to text, and all the edits were performed as indicated. Also available at manuscript stage.


ESOLA will provide a template for writing a query letter. The writer provides a first draft and ESOLA will provide edits. If requested, ESOLA will write the query letter for you. Free query letter edit with chosen service.


ESOLA performs a general, overall reading of the work, which points out the major strengths and flaws that need to be addressed without necessarily telling the writer how to go about executing them in detail.


ESOLA will edit, typeset, and lay out your pages in Word so you are ready to go to your self-publishing source template.


If you are a publishing or packaging house or even a toy company in search of new material, ESOLA can help spice up your lists—handling any stage of the process from concept through manufacturing and delivery to your warehouse.


ESOLA rewrites where needed and then edits a manuscript that has already been written. You get all the credit.