Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How We Work!

Do I get a written evaluation along with manuscript comments?

When hired for a Line Edit or a Developmental Edit, ESOLA includes comprehensive and constructive evaluations in track changes. Clients find these comments very helpful because they offer guidance as to how to go about making the changes suggested by the editor. If you want a critique letter, it’s available for an extra fee.

If I have questions, do I get to talk with you for free after you send back my edited manuscript?

Yes! You may email me any questions you have!

Do we correspond by e-mail or phone?

Email is fastest and easiest.

How much do you charge?

Depends on the service. I charge by the project and not by the word, page, or hour because it is more cost-effective for writers.

Do you charge for a pre-editing consultation? How much?

For $150 I will speak to you on the phone for half an hour to go through any questions you have before we start the process.

Will you format my work correctly for submission?

Yes! As part of the service you choose.

Will you help me write or edit my query letter?

With any chosen service, I will edit your query letter for free.

Do I get to work with you or are you contracting with another editor? If you are passing my work to another editor, do I get to approve that editor?

You will always get to work directly with me.

How much do you charge for editing my revisions?

That is considered another pass on the material and will cost an additional, albeit lesser, fee.

Do you give any discounts for members of professional writing organizations, published writers, need-based clients, or repeat customers?

Yes! Just ask!

Will you agent my book for me or suggest publishers?

I am an editor. I do not agent as that would be considered double-dipping by the AAR. I also do not suggest publishers though I would direct you to Manuscript Wish List and SCBWI’s The Book.

How do I submit my manuscript to you?

ESOLA prefers that you submit the manuscript in Courier New font, 12 point, with 1-inch margins, ragged right text, double spaced, running/paginated headers, and all your contact info on the first page. Microsoft Word documents are preferred (.doc or .docx)

Is my work protected from theft? Is it safe in your hands?

From the second you create your written document, your work is considered copyrighted. I stake my reputation on never sharing a writer’s information or ideas or text. I will sign an NDA if you request.